Advoretto is a free online platform where you can find legal information published by independent lawyers in many jurisdictions, interact with these professionals and solicit their legal services.

All independent lawyers on our platform have been screened by Advoretto based on objective criteria determined in consultation with in-house counsels (e.g. past work experience, track-record advising international clients, foreign languages working proficiency). They constitute the best alternative to big international lawfirms.

A new way of working with outside counsels

Negotiating legal fees is not only about how much you pay. Price is obviously a key driver but quality of services is equally important. Advoretto puts you in a situation where you can effectively assess these matters before signing any engagement.

• Identify counsels with the right profile : You need advice regarding a jurisdiction you are not familiar with, however the high legal fees of an international lawfirm are not justified… our platform provides you with a selection of independent lawyers capable of meeting your quality and budget expectations

• Connect with potential counsels: Interact with counsels about legal information they post online or ask them questions on specific topics. Seize this opportunity to evaluate their level of understanding and responsiveness to your questions

• Submission of fee quotations: post requests for legal services on Advoretto and quickly receive fee quotations submitted by interested lawyers. Confidentiality guaranteed.

• Benchmark fee quotations against the market: legal fees charged by independent lawyers greatly vary depending on the professional, the area of expertise and the jurisdiction. Counsels listed on Advoretto are strongly encouraged to publish their billing rates and other fee arrangements to ensure maximum transparency. An useful information to review any fee quotation.

Intelligent Legal Knowledge Center

It is often said that in today's digital world information is just a click away. In reality it generally takes time to find it. Advoretto is designed to make sure that you easily find the legal information you need, when you need it.

• Quickly assess legal information: Multi entry database giving you access to legal articles, presentations and more published by independent lawyers worldwide

• Solicit new publications : Want to stay updated of certain legal matters or can’t find a particular information you are looking for … signal your interest as independent lawyers on Advoretto may address these topics in future publications

• Personal online library: in one click save and classify legal information available on our platform in your dedicated online library space. Then easily retrieve the information at the time you need it, no matter where you are...

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