Ranking methodology

Advoretto develops unique rankings of independent lawyers by jurisdiction and practice areas. All our rankings are based on objective criteria and boost the scores of independent lawyers providing verified information and showing recent activities.

Reward Transparency?

A profile with verified information inspires more trust. Independent lawyers allowing us to verify their information will always stand out from their peers and get more exposure on Advoretto.

Advoretto has developed a proprietary algorithm awarding a personal score to all independent lawyers completing their profile on the platform. Our algorithm weights all information provided by independent lawyers, whether verified or not verified, but is designed to translate verified information into a higher personal score.

The personal score is not about segregating between independent lawyers, but to reward independent lawyers who offer the highest degree of transparency to future clients.

Sky's the limit?

We believe that lawyers can continuously improve their expertise in any practice area (writing publications, accepting speaking engagements, attending trainings or, of course, assisting more clients in the concerned field).We also believe that any recent activity is more valuable than activity dating back several years.

Our algorithm is therefore devised to ensure a dynamic approach to personal scoring of independent lawyers: - first, any recent actions will translate into a better score - second, there is no maximum score.

Advoretto empowers independent lawyers to show their commitment to improve their skills and consequently to convince international clients that they are the right professionals for their legal needs.